Geo-Data Acquisition

Global Navigation Satellite System

During this course I learnt to use Real Time Kinematic GNSS devices, collect GCP, correctly perform data coordinates transformation and broadened my knowledge about Global Navigation Satellite System.


Following tasks were completed while working on final project: 

  • Choosing study area and associated 6 areal images;
  • Measuring Ground Control Points;
  • Data correction and transformation of projection;
  • Creation of Erdas Photogrammetry project;
  • Setting up camera parameters, interior orientation, exterior orientation;
  • Aerial triangulation using Ground control points and tie points;
  • DSM extraction;
  • Orthophoto generation;
  • High Density Point Cloud generation.
Generated orthophoto
Generated orthophoto
Generated orthophoto in 3D view
Generated orthophoto in 3D view
Digital Surface Model
Digital Surface Model